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Loaded 16x8 API 1608 Analog Console
    16x 312A Microphone Preamps
    12x 550a EQ's
    4x 560 Graphic EQ
    2X API 527 500 Series Compressor

Pro Tools HD2 Accel PCIe
    2x 192 I/O Interfaces
    24x Analog Inputs
    16x Analog Outputs
    Avid Artist Mix 8-Fader Control Surface

Otari MX-70 1" 8-Track Analog Tape Multitrack, Otari MX-55 2-Track analog Mixdown Deck, Alesis Masterlink 2-track Digital Recorder, Hearback Digital Cue System For Monitor and Headphone Mixes, Dynaudio BM15A Active Monitor Speakers

     Waves Diamond, Waves CLA Compressors, Waves Vocal Rider, Tel Ray, Soundreplacer, Sansamp, JoeMeek Bundle, Focusrite Bundle, Cosonaut Voice, BF3A, VOCE Bundle, Moogerfooger Bundle, Virus Indigo, Amp Farm 3, Aural Exciter and Big Bottom Pro, Drawmer Dynamics, Echo Farm, Impact, Reverb One, TL Space TDM, Auto Tune EVO TDM, Digitranslator 2.0, Dolby Surround Tools, Revibe, McDSP Filterbank HD, McDSP MC2000 HD, McDSP Compressorbank HD, McDSP Analog Channel HD, McDSP Chrome Tone HD, McDSP ML4000 HD.

Outboard Gear
     2x Universal Audio 1176LN
     1x Teletronix LA-2A
     2x Empirical Labs Distressor w/ British Mod & Stereo Link
     1x Vintage Altec 1591 Comprssor
     1x Vintage Fairchild Spring Reverb
     1x Vintage Furman Spring Reverb
     1x Vintage EMT Tube Plate Reverb (Full Size)
     1x API 2500 Stereo Buss Compressor
     1x Demeter VTDB-2B Tube Direct

      2x Royer R121 Ribbons
      3x Sennheiser MD421
      1x AKG C451B
      1x AKG D112
      2X Pearlman TM1.
      Shure SM57's, SM58's, 1xSM-7, 1x SM98

Musical Equipment
     1964 Fender Twin Reverb 2X12, 1967 Ampeg Gemini 1x15, 1970 Fender Champ 1X8, 1990's Peavey Backstage 1x10, Fender Re-Issue VibroLux Reverb 2X10, Ampeg Bass Amp w/ (2) 4x10 Bass cabinet, 1965 Fender Dual Showman 2x15 Cabinet, 1968 Ludwig 5 PC Drum Kit
SVT-VR 300W Bass Head, 1971 Marshall JPM Guitar Amp, Demeter SSC-1 Silent Speaker Chamber.

We have a huge selection of mics, outboard gear, equipment, and instruments available upon request.